“People need dreams, there’s as much nourishment in ’em as food.” -Dorothy Gilman

About Me

The direction of my life changed drastically in early 2013. Graduating with a degree in Multimedia Production and International Studies, I was on track to be my dream: the next Ryan Seacrest. However, everything changed after learning about the achievement gap in the United States, and I steered into the direction of public education. Now preparing for two years in Chicago Public Schools’ low-income communities, it’s time to put my communications degree to good use: by communicating an important message.

When I’m not tweaking lesson plans, working in the community or stuck in traffic, you can find me perusing the latest music blogs and blasting some tunes from my Corolla. I still write (although less frequently) with Hype Machine, and can be found yelling about some artist/band/song/album on my Twitter. I also attend graduate school at Dominican University in River Forest, but that’s less exciting to talk about.

I also love trying new food, exploring new cultures, and putting both to work by traveling. Traveling keeps the heart and mind fresh, inquisitive and open. I’m even more excited I can put my love of exploration to good use and explore this amazing new city.

Always a Cowboy at heart, I can frequently be seen at The Other Side in Lincoln Park cheering on my Pokes and sporting the insanely-large collection of OSU spiritwear that I refuse to get rid of.

Let’s be friends.