OSU Research Week

The Oklahoma State University Research Symposium features researchers and their findings as a feature of the great things happening with research at OSU.

As part of our “Research Week” assignment, we had to go find a presenter at this symposium and talk about the research they were conducting. When I thought research, I initially thought of scientific research, but not anything psychological or sociological that would be “interesting” enough for news. But I was wrong.

After reading the descriptions and paraphrases of who was presenting, I ran across a study presented by Clinical Psychology graduate students here at OSU. It was a research project about the effects of humor styles on suicidal tendencies. Here is what I found:

Meeting Ray & Matt was very interesting in hearing about what research the psychology department at OSU was conducting, and interesting to know what happened outside of the Media School.

I’ve also never really thought about Graduate School until I talked to Ray & Matt about their studies, and how they were very passionate about making a difference in their fields through this research, and I immediately began thinking about how I could do the same in my field. I applaud Ray & Matt for their dedication toward Clinical Psychology and how they want to take this dedication and apply it to the psychology world, and how maybe I could aspire for the same thing.

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