A True OSU Success

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Vladimir Bjelic, a graduate student at Oklahoma State University working toward his Master’s in Speech Language Pathology. What makes him more than just any regular grad student is his background.

Studying Speech Language Pathology is an interested choice for Bjelic, who was born in former Yugoslavia. He emigrated to the United States at the age of 10, moving to Milwaukee without knowing a lick of English.

Through overcoming this boundary, Bjelic found a passion for working with special education children in speech pathology. He hopes to continue his education and make a difference in others’ lives.

What made this story unique was the passion that Bjelic had for what he wanted to do, because of where he came from. Through his hard work and dedication, he was able to become a McNear Scholar and enroll in the graduate school here at Oklahoma State. More than just the grades or the GRE grades, Bjelic’s grad school success comes from the work he puts into his studies.

This is a true OSU student success story, and one that we, as students, can all look at as a prime example of why someone’s study is right for them–it’s the passion that makes it great.

See my report here:

OSU Student Success Story from Justin Racette on Vimeo.


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