2-1/2 Weeks in L£yton

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

Because I was here two years ago, I thought that I knew everything about this city and knew exactly how my time would be spent here and to expect certain things.

I was WAY off.

I could not have been in for more of a surprise. You can’t really expect so much when traveling abroad, so I have no idea why I believed I knew exactly what was going to go down. I was only here for three weeks last time, so it’s not like I had a choice to truly get to know this city. It has been a bit stressing at times, it has been a bit delirious at times, but all-in-all, it has been a lovely time.

To sum up what I’ve been up to, I’ve been traveling almost every day. Major notes would be Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (seeing Henry V!), Camden Market, Borough Market, taking a boat down the Thames (just for fun and only £4!), eating Nitrogen-infused “Ice Cream,” running around Surrey Quays at 7 a.m., the British Biscuit Festival, Crêpes in Kensington, etc etc etc.

Oh, and many pubs.

It’s been a pleasant experience so far, and I’m kind of upset already that there’s less than six weeks left on this adventure! You can kind of see why I never want to blog, because I hate sitting around for too long! There’s just so much to go out and do!

Good thing I was allowed to “work from home” today (meaning Tweet and eat a lot of food), so I’ve had time to actually blog for once.

As for interny things, my internship has been great! I’ll admit, it is nothing like my ideal placement, but for what it is, I’m really enjoying working in an industry so different from what I want to be doing, and actually gives me a glimpse into the lives of freelance journalists. I’m curious to see what all I will be getting up to as the show goes on.

And as for housing things, I couldn’t have asked for a better family to be living with. They’re great, I get my own room, and good food! I’m living in Leytonstone, which an area in east London, which is VERY different from where I was residing last time I was here (beautiful, picturesque Regent’s Park). However, I feel like I am slowly falling in love with the area, and Leytonstone is becoming home (after California obvs).

If I had to sum everything up in one word, I would say bloody brilliant. (Yes it’s two but you just have to add the bloody). There’s loads more to come, but I have loads more to do, so enough writing, out to travel! Au revoir!

After some pictures, of course:

My silly American crew!

No big deal, I can just see the entire city from this flat right here.

In Surrey Quays on an early Sunday morning.

I would post more but I REALLY have to get going!


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