Let’s Go To London: Attempt No. 3

I can sense that almost 58 percent of my blog deals with the city of London, and either how amazing it is or how much I desperately want to go back. I remember blogging almost a year ago at the realization that I wouldn’t be going in the late end of 2011, and how I was determined to go back sometime in the future. Well, I am determined. Because I’m at it again.

I’ve already put in my application for financial aid and scholarship to finance my way to the United Kingdom, and I believe that this time it will really end up working out in my favor. I had the opportunity to relive my experience a year and a half ago, taking an international advertising/marketing class for three weeks, but upon further reflection I decided that the best thing to do would be to go and create a new experience for myself, so I know what I’m doing this time: Internship.

Last time I spent my days either at advertising agencies or in a classroom learning about the various differences and similarities between the media markets in the United Kingdom and the United States. While it was very enlightening (surely not discrediting anything I learned), I wanted more of a raw English experience in the capitol. This time, I want to work in the media myself, as a low-paid (or unpaid, if I get desperate), coffee-grabbing intern in the middle of all of the action, I hope.

I will spend two months in the magical city, learning about the music industry, shuffling around the tube from place to place gathering information and living like a real Brit (as I would love).

Well, my application is in, and now I play my favorite game: Wait to hear if I’m going or not.

Third time is the charm, right?


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