Which Five Cities Should Be Blessed With My Presence?

Like any twentysomething about to graduate college, one of the questions I ask myself daily is where I will end up living after I graduate. I’ve always said I will make my way back out of Oklahoma, but where?

Dream Location No. 5: Marseille, France

I like to be exotic, and I love the beach. So where those two things culminates, plus including my home country, is Marseille. It’s a large(ish) city on the coast of South France and home to the nicer French people (not those snobs from Paris). The thing that really draws me to the city is the culture of the area. It’s coastal, it’s urban, it’s historical, it’s French, it’s green, it’s moderately-priced (as far as coastal Mediterranean cities go).

Dream Destination No. 4: (West) Los Angeles, California

Sure, everyone has California dreams that sees them driving a BMW down Santa Monica Boulevard and enjoying the breeze through your hair as you drive to your lavish apartment in Beverly Hills. Maybe that’s just me, but West L.A. is where these dreams are realities. It’s a longshot, yes, and EXPENSIVE AS HELL, but it is such a cool area to surround yourself in…only if you can remember where you came from and try not to drown in the materialistic culture. Too much. (A little doesn’t hurt)

Dream Destination No. 3: San Diego, California (AKA HOME)

It’s kind of a biased entry, but San Diego really is one of the most well-balanced cities in the country. The weather is amazing (60s-80s year-round, little precipitation, cloudy mornings with sunny afternoons) and the scenery can be breathtaking at times. The city is big, but big enough where you have everything you could possibly want. Being close to Orange County and the Los Angeles metro truly gives you access to everything you need.

Dream Destination No. 2: London, United Kingdom

I spent three weeks living here and studying the ancient art of International Marketing (hehe) but knew this city was one that will never leave my heart. One of my biggest passions is international culture and meeting people from all over the world, and London is just the place to do so. Plus, I have a bit of an obsession with the county of the United Kingdom. When I left the city, I knew only one thing: I must go back.

[The] DREAM DESTINATION No. 1: Seattle, Washington

This place just takes the cake. It’s the real deal. It’s the bee’s knees. It’s just amazing. I only lived in [a suburb of] Seattle for a little over a year, but every time I think about the city, and every time I go back to visit, I just know this is an amazing place. It’s full of environmentalist hipster coffee lovers, which is right up my alley. The only downer is a major one though–the weather. It does rain 270 days per year in Seattle, but I believe I could put it aside. It’s what keeps the city from being full of everyone ever, because everyone would move here if they could (I believe), but the rain the the deterrent keeping them away. So come join me.


  1. Englishman In Marseille

    -300+ days of sunshine per year
    -The history of the city dating back from before Roman times
    -The warmth of the people
    -The fact it isn’t as touristy as other places in France such as Cannes and Nice
    -The food and the social aspects around eating here. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, everyone enjoys eating quality food (often outside) and spending time with friends and family.

    I could go on more, but I really think there is a certain magic here which you can only experience when you visit here and walk around.

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