Mistranslation Just Cost Me $20,000

It’s already the last week of March and I still feel as if I’ve gotten nowhere when it comes to my study abroad application “experience.” There was a complication in the office, a mistranslation by myself and my adviser, which has left me with no application and nowhere in the process.

To cut it short, I have to start over with a new program, which costs much much more, because I applied for a program that doesn’t even exist yet. Go me.

This new process has been extremely daunting because the application is more complicated, I have less time to get everything together, it costs much more and I thought I was done with all of this.

The good thing that might come out of this? Well, besides being in guaranteed debt when I graduate college, I will be going to a school that offers a better course selection and program for my studies. The housing options are much nicer. The program doesn’t start until September instead of early August (more time in California with the fambam). And in INTERNSHIP. So, maybe I’m getting the better deal? Who knows.

All I know is that I’ll be a ticking time-bomb for the remainder of the semester. Not only do I have Reporting to worry about every second of my life, but the constant worrying that I have paperwork after paperwork to get done and task after task to accomplish just to get a place, I might need a trip to relax after planning my trip.

Best advice I can give? Make sure you know what you’re applying for when you do it. My adviser didn’t know and it cost me some relaxing time. Oh, and winning the lottery can always help.

Oh London. I will be back.

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