Young Blood. I Can’t Stop.

Usually for some people, they’ll hear a song on the radio and they’ll like it, download it, listen to it over and over and then be sick of it by the end of the week. Well, maybe not all people, but that seems to happen to me quite often. So I want to share with you this track before I get sick of it, which I feel that time will never come because I’m in absolute euphoria over this song.

Young Blood.

By The Naked and Famous. It’s quite good. I heard this song on BBC Radio 1 on my way to Oklahoma City yesterday to attend my second Jimmy Eat World concert. Yes, I kind of love them a little but. And yes, it was a great show. The point is, this song is euphoric to me because it just sounds happy, carefree, unbound and all of the qualities that makes people happy, carefree and all of that jazz. Imagine on a nice summer day (or if you live in Oklahoma, yesterday’s weather) just cruising down the highway with the windows down and blasting this song. You love it. Yes.

If you would have had me listen to this song before I found it and told me it was Passion Pit, I would have believed you. It has their sound, yet kind of a mix of MGMT thrown in there. It’s a great mix. Other people also agree with me, I think, by evidence of the track’s listening trend rapidly growing over the months.

Song of January 2011? It definitely is. Even though I feel like I should be enjoying this song in the summer. Hopefully by the summertime I haven’t gotten sick of it yet.

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