Week Fifteen – Au Revoir!

I will start off this post with the confession that after this post, I will have tremendous difficulty coming up with what to write about weekly in this blog. That is, if any of my classmates even continue reading these things once the semester is over.

Anyways, now is my chance to critique the class that is Electronic Communication. At the beginning of the semester I said that one of the biggest things I wanted to learn in this class was the tools on creating multimedia projects, which is something I definitely did. Even though the projects themselves weren’t up to par, I feel like I am now proficient enough in creating soundslides, mixing audio with Garage Band, shooting and editing video with iMovie, editing and perfecting graphics with Adobe Photoshop, and the fun that is creating website with Adobe Fireworks. Now all I need to do is work on my creativity, patience and effort, and then I’ll be able to create some quality work.

It was a lot to cram into one semester, but simply being introduced to these tools and programs and the world of blogging is a huge boost in having us students work with this in the rest of our schooling and in our careers.

However, my favorite project in this class has to be this blog. Weekly we’ve had to write in these blogs about topics we were discussing in our class, but it was a great way for us to learn how to effectively blog and reach an audience. WordPress is such a great tool in web publishing, and I am happy that now I have a base to make a presence on the Internet with this blog.

Overall I thought that Electronic Communication was a fantastic class, and probably one of the more useful lower-division classes for SMSC students. Bravo to our professor, Jory Burson, and all of the students for making this class a success. From what I’ve worked on in here I will take the knowledge to my future SMSC classes, and I am thankful that I have a slight idea of what I’ll be doing in my next production class, MMJ 3153 Fundamentals of Audio and Video Production.

Au revoir, Electronic Communication!



  1. Nick

    I could not agree with this blog more, I learned what I was willing to learn but I must learn to be patient. I think the proficiency is there now just have to work on the little things. Could not of said it better myself my friend.

  2. james p

    As someone who is in both Electronic Communication and Fundamentals of Audio and Video Production, what we have learned in Electronic Communication will help the transition to MMJ 3153. There are many people in MMJ 3153 who are on the previous degree plan who are struggling with the content because they did not take Electronic Communication.

    • Justin Racétte

      Allie, I hope to! The only problem I have is I won’t have Jory telling me exactly what I need to write about. I have to be creative and come up with topics myself–don’t know if I’m ready to handle that! Haha.

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