Week Fourteen – Get Yer Owlses Here

As we wrap up the semester in our Electronic Communication class, we discuss website portfolios and how we could use these to get a leg-up in the media industry. These websites showcase the designers and their work, whether it be graphic design, photography, audio/video broadcasts, or simply work for previous employers.

I think about how the design of the website has a very large role in how the portfolio sticks out to viewers and potential future employers. Below I’ve screen-capped a portfolio website I found very aesthetically-pleasing.

This website,  a portfolio for Joe Nyaggah, showcases a large image element in the middle of the screen, with navigation on the far-right side of the screen. A very basic (although complicated behind the scenes) layout that is very eye-catching, as your eye is immediately drawn toward the large image in the center of the screen. On his site, the element is a large image of one of the logos from his famous “Owlses” brand, found at Owlses.com. This is a very effective technique of showcasing the work, since you would immediately see it upon entering the site.

While exploring the website, his “simple and clean” design continues throughout each page of the site, including the portfolio itself. It has a very organized feeling, unlike websites where the large number of links/images/flash/text can make one feel helplessly lost. Another interesting part of the website is the large numbering scheme at the top-left. There is a total of five pages on the website, numbered 00-04. “Page 05” is a link to the Owlses main site, but the way that the pages are numbered (with the home page being “00”) adds to the organization of the site, which is not entirely large.

This is just one example of a well-done professional portfolio, and shows that a design scheme can be the biggest factor in employers’ perceptions of you and your work, and I applaud Joe Nyaggah in a successful design. If I was looking for a print designer, Joe’s site would be a stand-out in who I would like to hire.



  1. james p

    Great design by the website designer. The owl (which acts as the mascot) is a little creepy, but otherwise the website is a good portfolio for his business.

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