Week Thirteen – Another Post About Music

The Hype Machine. Probably my favorite blog on the Internet. It is a blog of the gods, both in the blogging world and in the music world. As I’ve said before, I love to keep up with what is happening in music, looking out for new releases, musician features, and listening to what’s popular and what’s about to become popular. The Hype Machine helps me with that.

“To put it simply, the Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about. We handpick a set of kickass music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery. This way, your odds of stumbling into awesome music or awesome blogs are high,” says their website. “We are creating tools that empower independent voices that write about music. We think a select group of passionate people can produce more engaging conversation than a huge social mob, or a rigid hierarchy of editors. We amplify their posts and the audio they choose, to help this vibrant culture spread. Oh yeah, music runs in our veins. You already figured that out though.”

Small radio stations flock to the Hype Machine to discover music to play. As a deejay for KXZY Radio, the student-run radio station here at Oklahoma State University, we use the Hype Machine as a source of music to add to our rotation. This is a useful way for musicians to get their music out into the world, and for music blogs to reach a larger audience.

From the standpoint of a normal citizen, the Hype Machine is a great tool to discover who is being talked about around the globe. Let’s face it: You love to be in the know on the latest and greatest in the world of music, right? Well by scrolling through the Hype Machine, you can preview a number of blogs and read about music that is making an impact on people worldwide. The blogs also have full tracks included, so you can listen to a song in its entirety–without having to download it!

Trevor Baker, a music journalist for The Guardian, had this to say about the Hype Machine:

This is much more impressive than it sounds. Somewhere on the great sprawling blogosphere somebody is writing about everything from Schoenberg to Sham 69. All musical life is here but with the normal hierarchy of popularity completely reversed. In this genuinely alternative world the kind of obscure tunes a college student might put on their please-have-sex-with-me mix CD are much more popular than whatever’s at the top of the mainstream charts. Charles Mingus has more tracks listed than Take That and James Yorkston is more popular than James Blunt.

The Hype Machine also hosts a monthly radio show, showcasing what’s popular on the website and with other blogs. This radio show, or podcast if you will, plays about an hour’s worth of music.

You can visit the Hype Machine’s website here.

P.S. Good news for you Last.fm users…the Hype Machine scrobbles! So if you find something you like, it’ll be added to your mix!



  1. bobbyc24

    I have never heard of “Hype Machine” before but I like the post. They sound like a cool band though so I will have to check them out. Have a good Thanksgiving man.

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