Week Eleven – Spider

As opposed to the last video I posted, completed by an amateur filmmaker (who is improving, might I add), this week I am using a video that I believe is a very well-produced and edited video. This comes from the Future Shorts YouTube channel, which produces small video shorts.

This video is very well-produced for many reasons. It is shot in very low-saturated light. The setting is bleak and kind of dreary, which is key for the mood of the video (which can be comical or horrific, depending on your take). The camera angles and the direction of shooting is great. The footage blends easily and there are no rough transitions. The sound quality is superb, and the storyline itself is…shocking. This is definitely one of the more well-produced videos on YouTube.

Warning: The video content may be graphic and shocking for some.


One comment

  1. katiegarrison

    I liked this video because I felt I could follow the story really well. And even though the camera holder was sort of shaky, I know it just added to the overall effect of the atmosphere of the video. And the collision was totally believable!

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