Week Ten – Driving Permit!

During this week’s discussion in our Electronic Communication class, we discussed what makes a good video good, and what makes a bad video bad. We discussed simple things like stabilization, white balance, focus, zoom, etc. Here is an example of a video I would consider ‘bad’:

The reasons that I believe this video is bad are as follows: The lighting in the video is extremely bright. While the video is shot outdoors, the way the lighting hits everything is not balance and bright. Changing the white balance of the camera would have definitely helped the shot. Also, the sound of the camera is cringy at times. There is wind that frequently hits the camera, moving the camera causes a discomforting noise, and sometimes the sound editing doesn’t match the voice. I think that during editing, cutting out those noises and editing the sound property to match the video would improve the quality. And finally, the unnecessary filler information of the video. Even though it is a teenage girl’s vlog about obtaining her driver’s permit, there is a lot of unnecessary filler scenes and shots that add absolutely nothing to the viewer, and cutting those out would definitely help out.

I must add, this is a video of my sister’s, so as I feel terrible taking one of her videos and critiquing it, at she can enjoy some bit of fame now…with my professor.


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