Week Nine – Free Write! Free Write!

It’s a free subject this week for my blog, so what should I write about? How about the most important thing that is happening this week. OSU HOMECOMING 2010.

Adopting a theme of ‘Cowboy Nation’ this year, OSU’s Homecoming is regarded to every year as “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration,” and rightly so. This week is marked with the orange fountain, signs on Library Lawn, the Walkaround, Homecoming & Hoops and of course, the biggest thing of all, the Homecoming football game this Saturday. It is one of the most exciting weeks to be a student here at Oklahoma State.

Spirit is very high around campus at this time, as students, faculty and alumni all celebrate the OSU spirit. Greek Life spend hours slaving away on their Homecoming decorations for walkaround, Residence Halls spend so much time for the float and Orange Reflection competitions, and all of this effort is completed and rewarded this week.

This blog is short and sweet to mirror what the week is like. It goes by way too quickly, but when it’s here it can be one of the most enjoyable weeks at Oklahoma State University.


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