Week Eight – 2 Hearts

I feel like music is my life. It’s what I want to do as a career, it is what I obsess over, listen to, read about, watch television about, etc. Pretty much everything in my life that I want to achieve has to do with music. Many people are unsure with what they want to do with their lives, yet I feel content in the fact that I already know the direction that I want to take my life.

I do many things to be involved in the world of music. The first thing is, of course, go to concerts. Concerts are extremely entertaining, and it’s definitely a way to really become a true fan of an artist. For example, I absolutely love Passion Pit, and getting to see them live solidified my respect and love for them as musicians. It makes the music come alive to you. You appreciate it, and see firsthand how [most of] the sounds in a song are created. It is truly an experience.

Another thing is simply reading about music–what concerts are doing well, who is who in the world of music, how are albums performing on the charts, and all that jazz. I feel like it’s sad that the only magazines and publications I read are about music and how successful bands are doing, however it’s the only thing that piques my interest. It’s also the easiest way to keep up with what’s going on. Two great magazines that I love are Spin and Q.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, discovered by many Kylie fans thanks to music networking sites such as Last.fm

However, my favorite resource for music is definitely CBS’s attempt on a music networking site, Last.fm. Users of Last.fm can search for artists and they will have easy access to all albums, tracks, upcoming concerts and events, reviews and much more. The possibilities of this website are endless. The site also “scrobbles” what you play on your computer, and keeps a record of it on your site so it can track what your favorite artists are and what kind of music you enjoy listening to. That way, they can recommend who else you’d like and anything you’d be interested in based off of what you play. For example, on my page you can see that my top two most-played artists are Kylie Minogue and the Scissor Sisters. With this information, Last.fm can easily show me that my most played Kylie Minogue song is “2 Hearts.” The song’s page has a video so you can hear the song, a customized radio station that plays songs similar to it, and then a link of similar artists, such as Dannii Minogue, Madonna and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. In fact, because of Last.fm I began listening to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and I absolutely love her song “Bittersweet!”

All in all, I think that there are many ways that you could keep up with the music world and all that is going on. There are many great resources in order to keep up with what’s new in music and discovering new artists. It’s what I like to focus my life on and what I want to do for a living.

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