Week Seven – World Have Your Say

If I worked in the world of podcasting, I already have a podcast series on the top of my list of those I’d like to work with.

Have you ever watched and/or listened to the news, with stories and opinions floating around, and ever wondered “Who else thinks this? Or something else?”

Welcome to the world of World Have Your Say, a blog and podcast series where news correspondents ask people from all over the globe weighing in on their thoughts on current world stories. The blog’s page says “WHYS is a global conversation. It’s hosted by BBC Global News, but its agenda is set by everyone taking part.”

Their podcast sessions are very, very interesting and thought-provoking. In their most recent podcast [at time of writing], they discussed if the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, was a worthy winner of the prize. I really liked the commentary and opinions in the discussion, yet the thing that annoys me most about this podcast is the interruption of the correspondents who weigh in. Even though debate is encouraged, hearing multiple voices yell over each other can get annoying to someone who is merely listening.

The podcast is organized with a host, either Ros Atkins, Madeleine Morris or Rachel Harvey, who presents the topic and introduces the guest speakers. The host usually mediates between the speakers, sort of like a presidential debate, while encouraging listeners who are listening live to call in and weigh-in on what their views are.

Besides the interruptions, I feel that WHYS is a very well-organized podcast that is very interesting and informative to listeners and those who are intrigued on world news and the opinions of theirs.

You can listen to the podcasts of World Have Your Say at their website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/whys.


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