Week Five – A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

On my usual hunt for news from the BBC, I came across this interesting picture gallery from a BBC Sport report on the Commonwealth Games 2010. I was very appalled with what I saw: The conditions of the residence for the athletes in Delhi, where the games are to be held. Click here to see the gallery.

The style of photography really emphasized what the story was. The village for these athletes are nowhere near ready for the athletes to move in, and they are in dire condition. It was presented in this way so that the public can see the poor state of these residences, because the slideshow is a much more effective way to view the photos since the public can browse at their pace. The story is beyond effective I believe.


One comment

  1. Andrew Falsetti

    The pictures in this pictorial really help to show that the conditions for these athletes need to be picked up. This really does not surprise me, from the areas I saw for the Olympics team in London, there is much cleaning that needs to be done soon and London seems to be handling it very well. This pictorial really shows what the problem is, being cleanliness.

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